Pronatalism (from Latin "pro" - for + "natalis" - birth ) - a belief, according to which an increase in birth rate is a means of overcoming the threat to public safety associated with depopulation, as well as a means of strengthening the institution of family, and preservation of health and welfare of the population

In recent years, Russian NGO’s and Members of Parliament are actively proposing legislative initiatives aimed at protecting life before birth. Some of them have already been reviewed by the Government and voted on by the State Duma of the Russian Federation. However, after nearly a century of legal abortion in Russia, the anti-life lobby is pretty strong , and we still have a lot of work to do to change the tide.

Having this in mind, the "Moscow Pro-life Festival”, a leading Russian pro-life NGO, is preparing a series of international pro-life symposiums intended to forward pro-life legislation in Russia.

As a practical outcome, an international committee of pro-life experts will be formed, in order to provide expertise to Russian pro-life legislators, including the most accurate and up-to-date scientific and legal substantiation for legal protection of human life from conception till birth.

A video manifesto of the first  Moscow Pro-life Festival. (2010).